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Snow Days Equal "Blizzard Days"

Updated: Friday, January 24 2014, 09:34 PM EST


Think back to when you were in school, when you found out that your school was closed due to the snow and cold temperaturesyou were probably used to staying warm at home, drinking hot chocolate by the fire place, or going sledding with friends.

Ohio Schools have been taking a new approach to make sure kids are still learning at home, plus not actually missing out on a day of school.

Schools all throughout Ohio participate in what some call "online days" or better yet, "blizzard bags."

“It’s a blended learning approach they call it online days or blizzard bags days a lot of them call it which seems to be the most popular choice of name right now,” said Brent Ripley, principal at Harrison Central High School.

He said says his district gives the teachers half a day to make up lessons for students to complete on snow days.

He explains that they've been doing it a few years now and it's all about learning the content.

"If a child does not complete that assignment then they are marked absent for that day so that henceforth completing the assignment means that we were in session."

And to access the blizzard bags is simple: You just go to the school’s website, click on blizzard days. From there it shows you a list of teachers and assignments.

Ripley said a lot of students don't want to give up their Easter breaks or go extra days in the summer--they would rather be outside with their friends.

He said typically most kids complete the assignments overnight.

"As principal I pulled in some kids and asked them how long did it take you to get them done and almost every kid did get them done the next day. There were a few that may not have printers at home and if they don’t have them at home we ask our teachers to print off the assignments for the kids and give them to them the next day and they’ll give the kids some time to finish the assignment."

Ripley said the response to the blizzard bags has been positive.

Ripley says that it is district-wide the elementary schools also participate in the blizzard bags.

Snow Days Equal "Blizzard Days"

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