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Steubenville city leaders talk water rate hike, action plan

Updated: Wednesday, January 15 2014, 04:30 AM EST

Steubenville, OH ---

We're taking a closer look at the steps city leaders in Steubenville are taking to implement a new water rate hike.


Last week the hike passed after a lengthy town hall meeting. It was during that meeting that residents called for more transparency. In an attempt to establish a clear plan of action Steubenville council members sat down for forty-five minutes on Tuesday night. Raising concerns and educating each other about a new water rate increase.


"Getting goals set-up for a plan of action and as for being accountable,” said 3rd ward councilman Greg Metcalf. “For the dollars coming in from the public we want to be as transparent as possible.”

During the utilities committee meeting we learned that residents will see the increase during the billing cycle which begins February 5th.


"We want to make sure people are aware of it and that we can put this into place as smoothly into possible," said City Manager Tim Boland.


But city leaders say they aren't just focused on the implementation. It's also about a number of other issues. Like waterline repair and replacement, additional funding, the customer base, and delinquencies.


"We want to be able to say here is our delinquency problem and let's start from there,” said Boland. “We want to bring the number down to a reasonable rate and we want to do that as aggressively as possible."


Residents say the plan is encouraging.


"They sound like they're actually coming up with a plan,” said Toni Dear. “They are very transparent."


City leaders didn't finish their discussion of the action plan. They will continue it next week before the council meeting on Tuesday.


Steubenville city leaders talk water rate hike, action plan

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