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Steubenville council tackles a number of topics

Updated: Wednesday, August 6 2014, 11:47 AM EDT
JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio – Steubenville city leaders were busy Tuesday evening tackling a variety of issues that could shape the future of the city.
Three hot topics that have been floating around -- the addition of a drug dog, the Pleasant Heights Fire House, and a round-about along Lovers Lane -- were all addressed.
“We definitely need a drug dog,” Steubenville Police Chief Bill McCafferty said. “We make a lot of stops. With the dog’s ability to smell, it would greatly enhance our stops and the seizure of drugs and weapons."
That movement may become a reality, as McCafferty made it known he was applying for a grant.
"The city is short on money, so we are looking at different areas of funding,” he said.
But he wasn't the only chief thrust into the spotlight.
The fire department is also looking at how the addition of six new members could affect the future of the Pleasant Heights Fire House, which has been closed since 2013.
“The answer is yes, but they still are not trained to count toward strength,” Steubenville Fire Chief Carlo Capaldi said. “And that’s an issue for me and the city manager to discuss, and when anything comes out of that we'll open that up to the Safety Committee."
And then there is Lovers Lane and the intersection at Mall Drive. Council voted 6 to 1 to move forward with a project that would add a roundabout. It’s something that they believe will improve the road and relieve congestion.
“The discussion is over,” Councilman Kenny Davis said. “For years and years and years, people have asked us to do something about Lovers Lane. When the project is complete, not only will it have a roundabout, it will have drainage, it will have curbage, it will have sidewalks, it will be widened, it will be an enhanced part of our community that people have been asking for for over 20 years."
Everyone seems to be on board with the safety measures, but not everyone at the meeting spoke positively about the changes along Lovers Lane, citing confusion for drivers and changes to local industry in the future.
Regardless, the city is moving forward and will begin construction in July 2016.

Steubenville council tackles a number of topics

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