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Students adjusting to new school

Updated: Tuesday, January 14 2014, 10:20 AM EST


It's been months now since the brand new Toronto Junior/Senior High School has opened up to students.

The grand opening was Sept. 29, and now we are seeing how the kids are adjusting to the new facility.

Maureen Taggart, the principal of the high school, said they actually started pursuing this new school building project back in the early 2000's.

She explains that it went through several stages before they were able to begin the construction.

"When I first came into the new school, it's like a school I haven't seen before. It’s newer and has all-new technology. It’s nice," said senior Emily Kosikowski.

"I thought it was really nice because it's clean and it's new and the technology is really great and I like the air conditioning," said senior Erin Taggart.


Senior Kaylie Zdinak said she enjoys the educational wing since all of their classrooms are closer together now, making for less travel time.

She said she also is a big fan of the new gym.

"This one is a lot nicer to tumble and practice on. Wehave a lot more space than the old gym and the floor wasn't too nice," said Zdinak.

thinksTaggart thinks students are reacting positively to the comfort and convenience to the environment, especially having both air conditioning and heat.

"And also how bright the colors of the building are it just has an impact on their attitude overall," said Taggart.

They have recently also added additional lockers in the building after gaining more students through open enrollment, they made adjustments to their cafeteria area with some proofing, and they have also made some general adjustments to the design of the building and some of the stairwells.

"It's everything we asked for," said Taggart.

She says it cost them about $19 million, but the entire project was supported overwhelmingly by the community.

Taggart said it's a realization of a dream for not just the students, but also every member of the community.

Students adjusting to new school

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