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Teacher pleads guilty after groping incident

Updated: Monday, January 27 2014, 09:24 PM EST

A Glen Dale, W.Va. man accused of groping four young girls at a Maryland elementary school has pleaded guilty, but he won’t spend any time in jail.

WUSA-TV reports that 31-year-old Timothy Krupica, a former Montgomery County fifth-grade teacher, is avoiding jail time with a plea deal in a sexual abuse case.

Krupica originally faced 11 counts of felony sex charges, ultimately pleaded guilty to four counts of second-degree assault, a misdemeanor described as "unwanted touching" in the state of Maryland.

WJLA-TV reports that Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Richard Jordan sentenced the former teacher to three years of supervised probation, with 12 years suspended.

Under the conditions of his plea deal, Krupica is not allowed to teach any students under the age of 16.
In February, Krupica was arrested for groping four 11-year-old female students at Meadow Hall Elementary School, where he had taught since August 2009.

The attacks, which all occurred between September 2012 and February 2013, took place in the classroom.

Krupica is now living with his parents at their Marshall County, W.Va. home.

Jeff Harding, Krupica’s defense attorney, says this case has scarred Krupica for life.

“In 30-some years of practicing law, I've never seen that kind of support for a person accused of a crime,” said Harding. “It says that he's a fine young man.”

In court ---- the mothers of two unidentified victims spoke.

“He approached my child from behind and dropped his hands to her chest. May his punishment have a sting that will hurt him."

The second adding ---- "My daughter couldn't sleep. She had nightmares and ultimately went to counseling. He was grooming kids to see what he could get away with. This could have gone much further."

Krupica was a teacher at Meadow Hall Elementary School in Rockville. He was placed on paid administrative leave after the charges.

Krupica's attorney says he will get another job outside of teaching. If he breaks the law a judge could send him to 12 years in jail.

Teacher pleads guilty after groping incident

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