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The 'friendly city' also remains safe

Updated: Monday, January 27 2014, 09:24 PM EST

By: Crissy Clutter and NEWS9


CIty of Wheeling crime statistics show it's still a safe place to live. The police chief submitted thestatistics to West Virginia State Police under a uniform crime reporting protocol.

Wheeling Police Chief Shawn Schwertfeger says comparing the 2013 data to the 2012 data, several categories stand out.

“In 2013 we responded to more than 28,000 calls,” said Schwertfeger. “Our stats this year (2013) show about an 8 percent increase in total calls, which means we’ve gotten busier.”

The chief says Group A offenses are down. That’s the more serious crimes, including robbery, assault and murder.

“I applaud the efforts of the department for their proactive patrolling and diligence and paying attention to crime trends,” said Schwertfeger.

Meanwhile, Group B offenses increased by 11 percent. The chief calls Group B "quality of life" offenses-- crimes like DUI, public intoxication and vagrancy.

He says he believes they are up because more cars are out patrolling--- due to the one officer per car ordinance.

“It puts more officers on the streets covering more area, and they are going to encounter the drunk in the alleyway, the suspicious person in this location and so on and so forth,” said Schwertfeger. “We expected those to go up and I am glad they are.”

The chief says in 2014 he still wants to improve the numbers and focus on highway safety.

“I am not saying we have rid Wheeling of crime-- we have a lot of work to do and I will challenge the officers to continue with their great work,” said Schwertfeger.

Schwertfeger also commended the public and the various crime-watch groups around town for reporting crime.

The 'friendly city' also remains safe

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