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Theft suspect lies to police about being pregnant

Updated: Tuesday, January 28 2014, 09:23 PM EST

By:  Jennifer Black


A Steubenville woman is behind bars after police say she tried to steal a TV from Walmart Monday evening.  However before being taken to jail, she was transported to the hospital because she told police she was pregnant.

Crystal Lee Renforth,31, is charged with two counts of petit theft, and one count of obstruction, after police responded to a shoplifting call around 9:00 p.m.

"A female matching the description of the suspect involved was seen in the passenger side of a vehicle. Upon seeing the police cruiser, the female exited the car she was in and attempted to go into the pet store.  Officers questioned the person in the vehicle, and the person said this person just jumped in my car and said she was pregnant, and needed to go to the hospital," Chief Bill McCafferty with the Steubenville police department said.

Renforth was transported to the hospital, and it was there that a nurse confirmed to police she was not pregnant.
According to police records, Monday’s incident was not the first time Renforth was arrested.  In 2004 she tried to walk out of a Kroger’s with $300 worth of merchandise in her cart.

"In the past 10 years she's been arrested at least four other times for shoplifting in Steubenville, " McCafferty said.

Police are reviewing security footage from Walmart, and other individuals have been questioned.  According to the police report, Renforth actually turned the TV over to an employee after being questioned and another man actually took the TV off the employee before fleeing the store.

Walmart employees also told police that they saw in the security footage, a white van circling the store while the incident was taking place.  Police are working to determine who all was involved, and additional arrests may be pending.

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Theft suspect lies to police about being pregnant

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