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Toronto man gets 6 years for relationship shooting

Updated: Wednesday, August 6 2014, 01:07 PM EDT
TORONTO, Ohio – A Toronto man learned his fate for an October 2013 incident in which he held a woman against her will and fired several shots at a vehicle with another man nearby.
The case came to a close with a guilty plea from the shooting suspect, Randall Fazio, Jr.
Fazio told Jefferson County Common Pleas Judge Joseph Bruzzese that he had an extensive history with the man he was shooting toward and that he wasn't in the right mindset that night. Bruzzese handed down a 6-year jail sentence, along with a bit of relationship advice.
"If your girlfriend is messing around with some guy,” the judge said, “you don’t have a guy problem, you've got a girl problem."
The punishment came after Fazio signed off on his guilty plea for a charge of felony assault with a gun specification.
Those are charges that were handed down in a November indictment after Fazio’s arrest following an argument where he fired multiple shots at a man’s truck along Euclid Avenue in Toronto.
"I wasn't going to hurt him but … he may or may not have said he had 'something for me,' so I was just scared and was trying to scare him away,” Fazio said.
Defense Attorney Dennis McNamara noted Fazio did not intend to kill the man, but he recognizes he put an entire neighborhood at risk that night.
"It was an argument with a young man who had dates with his girlfriend,” McNamara said. “A great deal of emotion was involved."
Both sides ultimately reached the plea agreement of 6 years. As part of that deal, the weapons recovered that night were turned over.
“There were three taken in the arrest,” Prosecutor Michael Calabria said. “One was a Smith & Wesson 38 caliber handgun used. At the time of the arrest, the defendant told us they were his, and that's what the basis of our request is to have all those forfeited."
The victims and families did not appear in court Wednesday morning, but did say they were pleased to see the ordeal finally come to a close.
As for Fazio's family, they offered an emotional embrace as they saw him off to begin serving his sentence.
Though the judge accepted the 6-year deal, he made sure to point out to Fazio that he could have imposed the maximum 11-year sentence.

Toronto man gets 6 years for relationship shooting

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