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Trinity shows perks of new robotic procedure

Updated: Tuesday, August 26 2014, 06:33 PM EDT
JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio – Trinity Health System is keeping on trend with minimally invasive surgeries.
In fact, on Monday, doctors performed the first robotic hysterectomy in the area. Less than one hour on the operating table and one pain pill later, a patient that was on operating table a day earlier was on her way home.
“The incision on the abdomen is about 1 inch right inside her belly button so most likely, she won’t be able to see that," said Dr. Pat Macedonia, MD., who performed the surgery.
The surgery was possible thanks to the Da Vinci robot. It's been used for more than 200 general surgeries at Trinity during the last year and a half, but this is the first time area doctors are using it for OBGYN.
Macedonia, one of two credentialed OBGYNs at the hospital to use the robot, said there are plenty of perks, including the reduced recovery time.
“Less blood loss, less trauma to the tissue," he said.
So what about the price tag for the patient?
“They're going home the next day,” Macedonia said. “They're requiring less medication, less pain control. So the cost at the end of day is cheaper to have these procedures done than it would be to have the traditional surgery."
While some patients raise concerns about being operated on by a robot, Macedonia eased those concerns by assuring them that he is in full control of all of the instruments inside the operating room with the help of pedals, his hands and magnified vision.
“We actually magnify what we see 10 times greater than what we can see with traditional procedures,” he said. “The ability to see small blood vessels we know are there but we weren't able to see them before, it's like flying an airplane. It's interesting to me that someone can do such technology."
It’s technology that isn’t always available at smaller hospitals, but is bringing new opportunities for doctors and new options for patients in the Ohio Valley.

Trinity shows perks of new robotic procedure

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