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Wife speaks out after meth lab bust

Updated: Friday, July 11 2014, 10:44 AM EDT
HARRISON COUNTY, Ohio – NEWS9’s Jon Rudder sat down with Tonia Moon, wife of Randy Moon, who was arrested for having active meth labs at the family residence Wednesday night, something Tonia was completely unaware was happening around her and their three children.
Tonia said that her husband – an Iraq and Afghanistan War Veteran -- has been struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for several years, but his cries for help had fallen on deaf ears.
While she doesn't condone his actions, she hopes that this incident will get him the proper help that he needs.
"They told me that I would have never known because he wasn't cooking it here,” Tonia said. “It wasn't even put together in my basement. He was cooking it in his truck, on the highway, on back roads. They said I would have never smelled it."
She said she never dreamed that his problem would've gone this far.
"I don't condone it at all,” Tonia said. “I mean, Randy has gone through a lot with his tours in Iraq, with being at home and not getting the support he needs. But the decision to do what he did, no I don't support it at all."
Moon said she heard her husband’s conversation with his doctor at the Pittsburgh VA when he requested to go to rehab, which never happened.
While she knows he will face consequences for his actions, she hopes that this will lead to him finally getting the help that he needs.
"It's heartbreaking,” she said. “And no one understands. Unless you've been in his shoes and been in my shoes, you will never understand. He's a good father; he's a good husband. And right now he's in the lowest point of his life and that doesn't make him a bad person. He made bad decisions."
Randy Moon is being held on a number of charges. While NEWS9 was at the home, he spoke on the phone to his wife.
She said he told her he has accepted what he has done and is waiting to learn his punishment.

Wife speaks out after meth lab bust

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