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YMCA Wellness Center expansion

Updated: Tuesday, January 28 2014, 09:32 PM EST


The YMCA Wellness Center in Steubenville has just begun work on their new expansion that should take just a few months to complete.

Trinity Health System and the YMCA are looking forward to the phase four completion of an additional 7,300 square footage added to their gym.

Facility Director Michelle Wilson says it will consist of three program areas.

It will allow them to take on and serve more members and the community, with additional fitness classes and more programming for all ages as their membership rapidly increases.

"I love it here, I’m here like four to times a week,” said member Steve Romey.

Romey said this is his second year belonging to the YMCA in Steubenville.

He said you'll find him on the treadmill and spends time in the weight room.

”It’s tremendous when they have all of the phases done that they talk about, this will be one of the nicest facilities that you can find anywhere,” said Romey.

Stone Biacco says he's enjoying the day off from school, playing basketball with his friends.

"You can work out, you can lift, you can play basketball, soccer, you can play a lot of sports,” said Biacco.

Michael Dileonardo has been a member a little more than a year and said he loves working out and working up a sweat on the star stepper.

"Oh it's going to increase membership and more programs they’re going to be able to run,” said Dileonardo.

Wilson says the projected time frame for the completion is two to three months. 

YMCA Wellness Center expansion

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