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Animal shelter gets new kennel

Updated: Tuesday, September 3 2013, 06:46 PM EDT

By Rich Pierce 

September 3, 2013 

Hancock County, WV

The Hancock County Animal Shelter has been operating at its current location for 16 years and now, for the first time, it is getting a permanent outdoor kennel.

The new kennel has been in the works for months now and is nearing completion.

Shelter director Lorrie Shoaff said the improvement is better for the dogs and the workers.

“Right now, some of them get put in the old area which the fence is a little shaky so we have to watch where they put them. We have dogs that get loose and we have to chase them and with them being in the grass and mud, there’s the spread of germs,” Shoaff said.

The spread of germs is the biggest concern. The new cement area is more sanitary than the grass and dirt.

“We get a lot of [disease] from dogs having eaten garbage and not having good diets so, stopping the spread of those diseases is like the biggest thing for us,” Shoaff said.

Some of the strays that come into the shelter carry disease. If a sick dog goes to the bathroom on a grassy area that another dog sits in or is close to, disease can spread.

The outside kennel also allows a better look at the animals for people looking to adopt.

“Anyone coming to adopt would be able to walk through the center and take a look at all the dogs as they are outside enjoying the weather,” Shoaff said.

The dogs live mostly indoors, but the new kennel gives them an area to get exercise.

The project is expected to finish in about two weeks. The funds for the new kennel were raised by private donations or fundraising. No public money was used.


Animal shelter gets new kennel

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