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Hancock County

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Anti-smoking ban group attempts to confront Hancock County Commissioners

Updated: Thursday, April 24 2014, 06:29 PM EDT

HANCOCK COUNTY, W.Va. -- The plan Thursday for members of the “no2the ban coalition” on Thursday was to talk to Hancock County commissioners about a smoking ban they do not want to see happen.
The problem was there weren't any commissioners to talk to.
Members of the group waited outside of the Commissioners’ Office, only to turn around and leave after they said they believe there was an error in the commissioners’ meeting scheduling.
Even with the mix-up, members of the group say they will continue to fight for what they want.
“Our intentions are clear,” said Healy Nardone of the no2theban coalition. “We want this to be a part of a public dialogue in terms of our position. We're not negating the negative effects of smoking or the health aspects. What we're addressing is the fact that for every dollar spent in Hancock County and every other county, it has a six times the affect.”
The coalition group, which formed last week, launched a website to fight against a proposed smoking ban in Hancock County.
The group's goal is to get county commissioners and members of the Hancock County Health Board to see the affect they say a ban like this will have on the economy.
Members of the American Legion are upset the ban will make it impossible for them to give back to the community.
“The ripple affect here is that the American Legion, we donate probably $150,000 to $220,000 to the community, through the high school, the softball leagues the baseball leagues, the basketball,” the legion’s John Hammon said. “Things that have to stop if we start losing that kind of revenue.”
Hancock County Commissioner Dan Greathouse said the issue of smoking is in the control of the health board.
It's unclear when members will vote on that ban.

Anti-smoking ban group attempts to confront Hancock County Commissioners

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