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B&O Tax passes

Updated: Wednesday, July 9 2014, 04:44 PM EDT

WEIRTON, W.Va.-- After a failed attempt and a lawsuit, Weirton's city council passed an ordinance to expand the business and occupation tax in the city Tuesday night.
City leaders say the vote wasn't an easy one with the vote being three to two.
The tax has been a hot debate in city but now the business and occupation tax is a month away from being implemented.
"In 30 days it becomes a past bill and it's effective  Aug. 1," says Weirton's city attorney Vince Gurrera. However, regardless of the notice, many business leaders aren't on board with the tax.
Concerned citizen Doug Jackson  argued, "As a business owner it's a lot of money and a lot of money to this area. I find it offensive and for somebody who has put so much into the city, it's a personal and business insult"
Residents weren't alone; two councilmen were in their corner.  Third Ward Councilman and President of Marsh Supply Co. Fred Marsh said, "I think there is a way to do this, yes we have to maintain police and fire. There's no two ways around that. Our legislators needs to get their heads together and help us with a sales tax so that we don't have to enact a B&O."
Marsh says he's taking his fight to Charleston but a few businesses in the area have already made it known that they may take their fight to the courtroom. It's something the city is ready for. "The city anticipates the same result, nothing different than other that has a B&O; most of the other cities in West Virginia have a B&O tax."
The Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce did not comment Tuesday night. However, Chairman J.J. Bernabei did say in a statement earlier that area business will be bringing the complaint that was filed to the court again once the ordinance was passed.
Stick with NEWS9 and for continuing coverage on this case.

B&O Tax passes

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