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Chester purchases fire safety trailer

Updated: Wednesday, October 16 2013, 10:16 PM EDT

By Jon Rudder

CHESTER, W.Va - Fire safety will be taken to a whole new level after the Chester Volunteer Fire Department recently purchased a kids' safety trailer to promote fire safety.

The department has only had the kids' safety house for a couple of weeks but they're hoping once they roll it out and start demonstrations that it catches on and they can take it to more departments in different areas.

Inside, sirens wail and smoke fills the air, but it's all part of an elaborate demonstration.

"It's one thing to talk and show videos and demonstrate what to do and then it's something totally different then to actually have them go through a smoke-filled environment," Brian Handley of the Chester Volunteer Fire Department said. "They can feel a door for heat, go through the kitchen and know how to be safe with food safety and preparation."

The department purchased the kids' fire safety trailer to give kids a hands on opportunity go to through the typical fire safety procedures, but do to so in as real an environment as possible.

"It's as real as you can get without the actual heat or stuff falling on your head," Handley said. "It's a real smoke environment, it's safe and non-toxic so it will give the students an idea of what it's like without actually being in a real situation."

A smoke machine simulates smoke, the bedroom door is complete with a heating element to replicate fire on the other side, and even the phones are linked to a control center so kids can learn to dial 911.

"It (also) has a fireplace. We can simulate heating safety, kitchen safety," Handley said.

The upstairs bedroom is equipped with two methods of entry. A check of the door for heat, and if found, a quick trip down the fire escape leads to safety, which is the bottom line for the department.

"We'd like to reach as many kids as we could, take it wherever we can and just educate as many students as possible on fire safety," Handley said.

Chester purchases fire safety trailer

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