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City officials help reopen Belleview Pool

Updated: Friday, April 25 2014, 05:47 PM EDT

OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. - Just a few months ago, kids weren't sure if they would have a summer job at the Belleview Pool, and people in Steubenville weren't sure if they would even have a pool to go.
They now have an answer. The pool will open because Steubenville City officials have stepped in and made sure of it. They're taking over the budget for the pool.
 "It's a good feeling to have the pool will open again this year," Steubenville Councilman Kenny Davis said. "It's an even better feeling to know that the cities going to take it back over."
A one-time, $40,000 grant kept the pool open last year. While money was left over for this year's budget, it wasn't enough to keep the pool open.
People in the community tried raising the money with a fundraiser with little success.
"We did fall short and Mr. Boland felt a little uncomfortable with that, but he also knows how important recreation is for the city and to quote him, 'if we're going to be in the recreation business then we need to be in the recreation business,' " Davis said.
Davis, who grew up in a low-income home, said he knows how important community pools are. That's why he said if the city didn't step up, he would've found a way to keep the pool open.
In addition to the pool reopening, city officials are excited about their new Parks and Recreation Director.
"Probably in the next week or so we're going to announce our new park director so that's a big part of this," Davis said. "Once he's on board, then we will put an ad in the paper for lifeguards, and when the lifeguard training is going to be held. Where those people will be hired now through the city this year, last year they were hired through the youth groups. But they will be part-time city employees this time. We need to get a couple small repairs, I think. We have to put the water in the pool. I think the smaller pumps might need some repairing and things like that."
The pool is set to open the second week of June.

City officials help reopen Belleview Pool

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