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Detox center raising concerns, confusion in Weirton

Updated: Tuesday, August 19 2014, 06:43 PM EDT
HANCOCK COUNTY, W.Va. -- Some people in Weirton aren't happy about a new detox center that might open in the city.
A new building along American Way in Weirton is ready to open, but it won't anytime soon because of what the building will be used for.
"We want our neighborhoods safe," Ward 3 Councilman Fred Marsh said.
The building is supposed to be a drug rehab facility, issued from the West Virginia Substance Abuse Task Force. But people argued at a zoning board meeting that a detox center is not the same as a group home.  
"The city and the zoning board issued the condition permit for a group home which fits our definition," Marsh said. "Apparently the state has another definition for it."
That's the main argument that came from some Weirton city officials and residents Tuesday. The frustration was visible but the confusion was more apparent than anything. People want to know why they weren't told the building was going to be a detox center in march.
Since then, plans on opening the place are on hold until zoning board members decide on what classification the building goes under.
"We need to get more information," said Robert Kolanko of the Weirton Zoning Board. "Basically, what they gave us today, there's a lot of grey area. It does look like, it does like whatever it is fits all three in one form or another."

Detox center raising concerns, confusion in Weirton

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