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Dog getting help after he was covered in tar

Updated: Tuesday, July 15 2014, 05:27 PM EDT
CHESTER, W.Va. – One of two dogs that went missing Friday faces a long road to recovery after he was found covered in hot tar on a porch in East Liverpool.
No one knows how or why it happened to the dog, whose name is Oden.
Chunks of what appears to be hot roofing tar covered most of the pup’s body, including his ears, feet, nose and tail. Only side of his body was left untouched.
"It was deliberately done, it was,” said Marsha McGinnis, who is part of a dog rescue group. “It's unlikely that he rolled in it. It personally looks like it was either a spray or somebody threw it."
After the dog’s owners asked for help, McGinnis reached out to Safari Dog, a pet grooming business to get the dog cleaned up.
"I've never in my life seen anything like it, it just was covered head to toe," said Ashleigh Yoho Deal of the Safari Dog. “You couldn't even shave it. Our goal was to stop this from absorbing into him."
From Dawn dish washing liquid to a number of other products, it turns out baby oil worked to get all of the tar out of the little pup. The dog has second degree burns and is still in lots of pain
"It's bad,” McGinnis said. “I can just imagine what he goes through you know, he's hurt mentally and physically "
The person who owns the dog said she is still looking for the other dog that went missing.
As far Oden’s medical condition, it’s going to take him a while for him to recover.

Dog getting help after he was covered in tar

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