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Financial help on way to aging infrastructure in New Cumberland

Updated: Monday, August 25 2014, 06:44 PM EDT
HANCOCK COUNTY, W.Va. -- A problem in New Cumberland is one that many small towns and villages up and down the valley have. It’s recent, recurring, and it centers around the town’s water and sewage systems, specifically its grinder stations.
But a special grant will pay for an assessment that could provide information to make improvements.
The assessment will evaluate the whole system throughout the village, which has caused problems for leaders for several years.
New Cumberland Mayor Linda McNeil said there are 40-50 of those grinder pumps located throughout town, and their complexity makes them very expensive to repair. It was just last month when village leaders had to pour resources into repairing one of those pumps. The assessment will also take a look at failures to the VAC stations which propels refuse across town.
The results of this study could provide village leaders with the avenues to get fully funded repairs for the system.
“That's critical to us,” McNeal said. “It's extremely critical to us. Our water-sewer system, not unlike others, is indebted with bond payments that we have to satisfy. And if we can't do that, then we're in default, which would be a very critical situation for us.”
Results of this assessment will be available in October, and village leaders will immediately be able to use that information to apply for grants to fix these problems.

Financial help on way to aging infrastructure in New Cumberland

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