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Firefighters from all over participate in training this weekend

Updated: Sunday, March 30 2014, 08:20 PM EDT


For the past 16 years hundreds of firefighters have gathered annually for a training session that is unlike any other.

Over 300 firefighters from as many as four different states have been honing their skills in Brooke County this weekend, simulating various firefighting and rescue operations.

The Hooverson Heights Fire Chief, Brian Ritchie, says there are not a lot of opportunities like this in the state.

Over the years, the classes have targeted several topics, from the administration of a fire department and arson investigation to basic firefighting and the operation of a fire truck.

Ritchie says they try to keep the training as updated and fresh as possible, while still incorporating core classes that everyone needs.

“It's unique because you get all of the classes in one location over one weekend, and all kinds of people coming together and being able to brain storm and talk to their peers and compare their notes on different activities,” said Ritchie.

Hooverson Heights inherited the school from the Weirton Heights Rescue School 16 years ago when they went out of business.

Nearly two decades later the program has attracted as many as 500 students that partake in the rare training opportunity.

The two day school wrapped up today but anyone wanting more information on the school can visit their website at rescue school dot com.


Firefighters from all over participate in training this weekend

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