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Gas station suffers mudslide damage

Updated: Friday, May 16 2014, 12:42 PM EDT
HANCOCK COUNTY, Ohio -- A Hancock County gas station suffered some pretty serious damage after a tree fell on top of it early Friday morning, the result of a mudslide.
Robert Byers and his daughter Robin own the Byers Marathon gas station in Hancock County. When Robin left work Thursday night, everything seemed to be just fine.
Then, around 6 a.m. Friday, a customer at the pump and came inside and said the ground was sliding.
“They said the next thing they knew, the tree came down and hit the canopy," Robin said.
The customer’s truck was right underneath, but he was able to move it in time. But now, the water keeps flowing, and mud keeps sliding.
“This is at least the fourth time it has happened since we’ve been here," Robin said.
Every other time this has happened, it has only been a nuisance and never shut down their business. This time, it's damaging their building, cracking their canopy, and it destroyed their power lines.
Robin said the power company already came by to cut the lines, so they're technically out of business in the short term since they cannot operate their pumps.
Their insurance says as long as it continues to slide, it will not cover it unless it causes damage.
“So you have to endanger someone's life or property?,” Robin said. “They aren’t going to do anything until it destroys everything."
She can't get any help from the state either, and they only own up to 200 feet so all of the property above that isn't theirs. Yet they are the ones cleaning it up, renting Bobcats, backhoes, and dump trucks, by themselves.
At this point the Byers are just frustrated. Robin said they have made numerous phone calls and sent letters to officials.

Gas station suffers mudslide damage

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