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Good turnout at dedication ceremony

Updated: Sunday, August 25 2013, 08:24 PM EDT

By: Celina Pompeani


A construction project that caused a bit of controversy last year from parents in Hancock County if finally complete.

A dedication ceremony took place on Sunday at Allision Elementary School in Chester.

Parents were worried the improvements may interfere with their childrens' school time.

Now that the project is done, they're breathing a sigh of relief.

"We're just very pleased of the turnout today and we're very happy and excited to be able to show off Allison Elementary School," said Suzan Smith, superintendentof Hancock County Schools.

A sea of community members came out to celebrate the new look of the school.

Smith said crews are finally finished with constructing the school, which has a completely new entrance way, something she said is much safer and secure.

Everyone involved in this project was present at the dedication ceremony today, and families were even allowed to take a tour of the finished building.

Students were able to see a brand new gymnasium, which is now separate from the cafeteria.

There are also three new preschool classrooms, a new HVAC system, new lighting, new data wiring systems, and new doors and windows.

Add new restrooms to the list—and of course, security cameras.

"So when it's finished, we want to show the public what they're paying for and to show them how nice the school is," said Smith.

The estimated construction cost is just over $6 million dollars. Thetotal area of construction turned out to be over 56,000 square feet.

"I am very excited for the students that they are receiving a quality education here in a beautiful building," said Smith.

Hancock County now has first-rate facilities to go along with their first-rate education.

Good turnout at dedication ceremony

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