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Graham trial continues in Hancock County

Updated: Thursday, May 15 2014, 06:43 PM EDT
HANCOCK COUNTY, W.Va. -- Thursday marked the second day of a trial against Tyler Graham, who is accused of giving an infant a sexually transmitted disease.
The state has rested in its case Wednesday. Graham's defense presented its side Thursday.
Graham's attorney Christopher Sheets outlined the defense, highlighted by testimony from three character witnesses, plus Graham's mother, and Graham himself.
As the state's presentation of its case drew to a close, Tyler Graham sat and watched expressionless. But his demeanor changed when his attorney took the podium in his defense, beginning with his opening statements.
"I will be providing a brief outline of what I expect the evidence to show," Sheets said.
That outline brought those witnesses to the stand. Their argument was that Graham suffered a medical condition as a young boy, affecting his ability to comprehend. And that he was pressured by investigators during interviews.
"Do you know that someone was screaming at your son at the police station?" Sheets asked. "'I wasn't there, but I know how he was afterwards, and I know what he told me afterwards and I believe him."
Character witnesses testified to whether or not Graham had a history of telling the truth before Graham took the stand.
Asked if he ever inserted anything into any part of the infant, Graham said, "No, no I'd never do that."
Graham's testimony continued, as he said he spoke with investigators because he was told the 22-month-old had been raped,  and he wanted to help find out who did it.
"She was just a little angel," he said. "I always enjoyed seeing her."
Closing arguments will be made at 9:30 Friday morning.
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Graham trial continues in Hancock County

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