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Hancock Co. to vote on excess levy

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 06:30 PM EDT

By Jennifer Black

Hancock County, W. Va.--

The Hancock County School Board has given the green light for an excess levy to appear on the Nov. 9 ballot in Hancock County. 

Now it will be up for voters to decide if the levy goes through for an additional five years. 

Hancock County Superintendent Sue Smith said if passed, the levy could pump an additional $7 million into the school's budget each year, and help offer benefits to students the state does not provide for.

The proposed levy, while almost identical to the current five-year levy, would be used in different ways beginning in 2014.

Smith said the money will be spent on instructional and supplemental materials, new technology and for the first time ever, there would be prevention resource officers in the elementary schools.

"To me, they're worth their weight in gold.  They really help with working with the students and helping to protect the schools,” Smith said.

"My brother was high strung, autistic and he was bullied very much through the school system and I think a resource officer is a very good idea," Hancock County resident Jennifer Frank said.

In addition to providing protection, Smith said resource officers help build a relationship between the community and law enforcement.

If approved, the excess levy would take effect next summer and last through 2018.

Hancock Co. to vote on excess levy

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