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Hancock County Health Department eyes smoking ban

Updated: Friday, March 7 2014, 05:53 PM EST


HANCOCK COUNTY, W.Va. – The Hancock County Health Department is working toward banning smoking in any public place, such as restaurants, bars, hotels and stores.

The department sent submitted its 2014 Hancock County Clean Air draft at its meeting Tuesday.

Hancock County Administrator Jackie Huff says the main objective is to protect the health of the county. Restaurant and bar owners are concerned it will hurt their business.

“Our economy is slow and we have a lot of people come over here from Ohio because they banned it there,” said Dencil Oldaker, owner of Rebecca’s Lounge. “If they do it here, it’s going to kill business altogether.

He said if the draft goes into effect, he may end of closing.

On the other hand, Huff says they only want to do this to promote the health of the public.

“Second-hand smoke has been known to cause major illness throughout the communities that we are in,” Huff said.

Hancock County received a failing grade from the American Lung Association in West Virginia.

“We’ve received the “F” grade for several years,” Huff said. “We have been discussing it for several years, but now we’re actually getting a working draft.”

Anna Suray, the health department’s medical doctor, is also pushing for some advancement in this no-smoking regulation.

“As a medical doctor and a health care officer, her main goal is to protect the health of the community,” Huff said.

The board has not voted on anything yet. It is simply trying to take all parts into consideration. The next meeting is set for April 1.


Hancock County Health Department eyes smoking ban

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