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Hancock County schools field concerns about bus garage

Updated: Tuesday, January 28 2014, 08:30 AM EST

Hancock County, WV --

Controversy is brewing in Hancock County over proposed changes to the district's bus garages.


Letters sent out two weeks ago by the Board of Education to bus drivers got things started.


During the board meeting on Monday night several bus drivers and parents confronted school officials.


Officials say they haven’t made a decision but that doesn't mean people aren't upset about their latest proposal.


"The goal of the administration was to centralize all buses in one location for purposes of securing them and to be on-site where it's easier to maintain the buses," said Board President Jerry Durante.


That location would be in New Cumberland near the Rockefeller Career Center which is already home to the north end bus garage.


"If the buses are moved to the north end of the county, that’s about thirty minutes to the south end of the school,” said Terryn Risk, a bus driver. “That’s not suitable in the event of an emergency where you need to evacuate the children."


That drive would be caused by the closure of the Weirton bus garage.


"It's a hazard. I've got a child at Weir High and I don't want her to be at school one minute longer than she has to in an emergency,” said Risk. “I want her evacuated."


Residents that came to the meeting had other concerns and some of those centered around the costs; with things like fuel, mileage, and compensation for drivers. Some of those concerns appear to have the board’s attention.


"Every concern that the bus drivers brought to us will be considered in detail,” said Durante. “They've given us the list and we'll take the list and make honest judgments on them."


"They appeared to be. Time will tell," said Risk.


School officials say they will work to come up with a resolution in the next several weeks. They say there isn't an immediate deadline to get this move approved it's simply something they want to set-up in time for the 2014-15 school year.


Hancock County schools field concerns about bus garage

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