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Homework at school: Oak Glen teacher flipping his classroom

Updated: Thursday, February 20 2014, 05:38 PM EST

HANCOCK COUNTY, W.Va. – A math teacher at Oak Glen High School is taking advantage of technology in a new way to educate students.

Mat Deveaney is using YouTube to his advantage. Instead of using the classroom time to teach, he’s making math videos, posting them online, and it’s being called a new fad in education.

“Instead of getting the material in class, they are getting it at home or on their own time and we are spending the time they would at home for homework and we are doing that in class. That’s the basic idea behind it.”

Deveaney says the lecture videos are 10-15 minutes long with basics of the lesson, along with a few example problems for the students. It’s an easier way, he says, for them to go at their own pace with extra one-on-one in the classroom.

“I get to sit down most days with every single student in class and talk with them about where they are and see where they were having trouble,” Deveaney said.

He says it’s a better way to assess the students and how much they truly understand the lesson.

Principal Barbara Logue says she’s excited that something new is being tried.

“Have I seen improvement?” Logue asked. “Yes. A lot of time we have kids that have a difficulty learning math. But with this new concept, they get extra help and reassurance that somebody is there to walk them through the steps.”

Some students say they aren’t a fan of the change, but most think it really helps.

“I really like it,” student Edison Gatrell said. “To me, it makes me feel like everything goes better and runs much smoother. I hope more teachers could start using it. I think that would be nice and helpful.”

Logue said she plans to use the flipped classroom method to teach other subjects in the school.

Homework at school: Oak Glen teacher flipping his classroom

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