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Hancock County

Hancock County

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K9 unit training taking place in Hancock County

Updated: Tuesday, April 15 2014, 06:49 PM EDT

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HANCOCK COUNTY, W.Va. -- Police officers from all over the state of West Virginia have convened at Tomlinson Run State Park for the Canine Association training seminar.
It was a fun but serious work day at the park for K9 handlers and officers, who joined together to get their dogs trained and ready to fight crime.
Lt. Chuck Stanley, who is a K9 handler in Hancock County, was in charge of the patrol area and he showed just how hard these dogs work.
Searching buildings, open areas, and latching on to pretend bad guys, these K9s are ready to go.
Used as locating tools, the dogs’ strong ability to smell helps their handlers when someone's hiding.
“We as the human have to open the door and visually look,” Stanley said. “Whereas the dog can alert and tell their owner, ‘hey dad there is someone in the closet.’’’
Officers give warnings ahead of time.
“That will give the suspect an opportunity to surrender, or if it’s a school teacher working late, that gives them an opportunity to say, ‘No, don’t send the police dog in.’’’
When the officer puts on their uniform, the dogs know it's time to work.
“Dogs are very intelligent,” Stanley said. “And because of our training, when we give our warnings, they know, ‘hey it’s apprehension time.’ ”
The public will have a chance to see the dogs during demonstration from 6-8 p.m. Wednesday at Tomlinson State Park.
It will include narcotics, apprehension, and vehicle extraction scenarios. Shuttles will be available and they ask that you do not bring your own dogs.

K9 unit training taking place in Hancock County

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