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Local group aims to save Newell Memorial gates

Updated: Tuesday, August 27 2013, 12:27 PM EDT

By Jon Rudder

HANCOCK COUNTY, W.Va - Newell Memorial Field and Jimmy Carey Stadium, the former sites of Weirton and Oak Glen high school football, were purchased from the Hancock County School System by county commissioners with plans for redevelopment.

After the 2011 football season, the home of Oak Glen football moved to the Field of Dreams complex in New Manchester by Oak Glen High School and now the Newell Civic Council is hoping to preserve one little piece of history from the field.

The Newell Memorial Field entryway is in danger of being demolished should a buyer use the site for development. The Newell Civic Council said that the field is more than a place where just football was played, but a community memorial.

"The people in this community of Newell, there's a lot of people that did a lot of good in this community, they're not recognized," Mike Nixon, president of the Newell Civic Council, said. "With this being called Memorial Field for the community, they will be recognized."

Nixon wants to see the gates turned into a memorial where they can serve as a site where community members can set up posters as a shrine to Oak Glen athletics.

"The Civic Council, our bylaws, we have to have a thing where we are to maintain a museum," Nixon said. "Where would be a better spot than to maintain a museum and the history of Newell and everything and the activities of this field? It would be a perfect spot."

The mortar, bricks and steel serve as more than just a gateway into the field, but a piece of history laced with memories.

"For us to lose that, would be awful," Nixon said. "We have plans that if we get this that we could put up poster and signs of old football games, so the youth and people can come back and look at them."

Now, in an attempt to preserve the entrance, Nixon is hoping for people to come through in droves, just as they did through the gates for so many years.

"There was a lot of good memories and a lot of rough times, you know?" Nixon said. "Everybody rallied and cheered then, and I hope they'll come in and rally and cheer now to save this."

The Civic Council is planning a rally on Sept. 1 and encouraged anyone who donned a Golden Bear helmet, picked up a pom-pom or just attended the school to come and show support for the group.

Local group aims to save Newell Memorial gates

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