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Local Veterans park begins repairs to drainage problem

Updated: Sunday, April 6 2014, 08:30 PM EDT

Weirton, W.Va. -

A new project began at the Brooke-Hancock County Veterans Memorial Park this weekend; the drainage problem that has caused cement to break up and memorial bricks to sink is being prepared.

336th Engineer Army Reserve Company donated to do the labor for the park if the park provided the materials to install a new drainage system.

“The 336th - Engineer Company, if they didn’t come here we’d really be in trouble because we have a lot of drainage problems here and they are going to fix that for us. As you can see around the flag poles, the cement is breaking up and they are going to fix that for us so we are grateful that they are here,” George Ash, president of Hancock-Brooke Veterans Memorial Park said.

It is important to the soldiers involved to keep the memory of veterans alive and they are definitely working extremely hard.

Ash said they are replacing the concrete pads around the flag poles, installing gutters and downspouts around the pavilion, and fixing the drainage problem.

“For anyone who comes up to view loved ones or to remember loved ones. It also is a great opportunity to get our soldiers out in job sites and train them on a different aspect of construction that we do,” Chief Warrant Officer Brian Zimmerman said.

The drainage problem has caused bricks with local veterans’ names on them to sink and even break.

Ash believes it is important to preserve the park so that anyone can enjoy it and the bricks are an important part because it keeps the memory of those who have served alive.

“They have memorial bricks for individuals that they’ve lost or loved ones and people that are still alive today. We have their bricks in here because we want people to remember freedom is not free, everyone has to suffer something, and if we want to continue to have freedom that we need to stop and remember the past,” Ash said.

The cost of the project so far has been around $1,100.

Ash said the community worked hard to make sure that they had enough donations so the reserve could do the labor for them.

“It’s a chance for us to get out and do some projects for the community that supports us on a monthly basis when we’re here so it’s a good chance for us to give something back to the community,” Zimmerman said.

Ash said the project will take some time to complete because work can only be done one weekend a month and will probably last through summer.

Local Veterans park begins repairs to drainage problem

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