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Man facing indecent exposure charges reaches plea agreement

Updated: Wednesday, July 31 2013, 04:48 PM EDT


Hancock County, WV-

Brody Ostrander was convicted on charges of indecent exposure in 2011 in three separate counties. Now, in 2012 he is again facing charges out of three counties.


Ostrander appeared in Hancock county court Wednesday morning on charges of indecent exposure. Officials say he was following a woman in Weirton while she was outside jogging, and eventually got out of his car, approached her, exposed himself and began engaging in self-gratification. An officer nearby was able to make an arrest after the woman positively identified Ostrander as the suspect.


The prosecution and Ostrander's attorney did reach a plea agreement in which he pled guilty to the felony charge of indecent exposure. The terms include three years of probation and a specific set of sex offense counseling. Those terms will be contingent on his home confinement agreement out of Marshall County. 


Hancock County prosecutor Jim Davis says that despite the fact that two other counties, Greene and Marshall, are charging Ostrander with misdemeanors for indecent exposure, his main objective was to charge Ostrander with a felony, because he did have two priors in the state of West Virginia.


“My concern was in looking at prior records, there were several instances that he had done this, and I just felt that is was important, crucial, that he have a felony conviction…that there be a felony sentence imposed on him, a penitentiary sentence," said Davis.  


If Ostrander violates the probation he could face one to five years in prison. Ostrander was not released from custody Wednesday because he is being held on a detainer out of Greene County.


He will appear in Marshall County Court on Thursday on charges of indecent exposure and soliciting prostitution.

Man facing indecent exposure charges reaches plea agreement

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