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New school calendar restrictions in Hancock County

Updated: Monday, February 17 2014, 05:55 PM EST




With this school year more than halfway over, officials in Hancock County are already looking ahead to next year as some new requirements are being put in place.


Those requirements are a part of West Virginia Senate Bill 359 which outlines a number of things, but the focus now is on the new school calendar.


“If there are any two-hour early dismissals or any two-hour late arrivals, they all have to be made up because you have to have 180 full days of instruction," Hancock County Schools Superintendent Sue Smith said.


Smith told NEWS9 with the current policy, it doesn't matter how many cancellations there are; only eight days have to be made up. This year alone, they have already been closed about a dozen times. However, she said the changes shouldn't be a challenge.


"I really don't think it will be. Hopefully we won't have a winter like we did this winter," Smith said.


In addition to the 180-day requirement, schools will now have a 48-week period to reach those days as opposed to the 43 weeks they have now.


Despite the changes, Smith said she will not sacrifice safety.


"You have to keep in mind that the safety of students is paramount, so even with this 180-day requirement, we all have to look and make sure that it is safe for the students to be out on the busses or on the highways," Smith said.        


With these changes come two public hearings for input -- one of those happening Monday night at the Hancock County Career Center and the other scheduled for March 17 at 5 p.m.



New school calendar restrictions in Hancock County

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