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Smoking ban in Weirton parks

Updated: Sunday, July 28 2013, 03:53 PM EDT

The Weirton board of parks and recreation voted to establish a new "No Smoking" policy at city outdoor parks and grounds.

The board voted unanimously to restrict smoking because, members say, it will help protect children from secondhand smoke.

Justin Wise comes to the park with his wife and children. While he does not want his kids to be exposed to the secondhand smoke, he says he understands the hesitation smokers may have.

"I think it's a good idea to not have the smoking materials around children. Because, obviously, it's been proven secondhand smoke can be bad for children. On the other hand, I can see smokers' reaction. They want to be able to smoke, as well." Wise said.

The parks and recreation board said in a release children should not be forced to inhale secondhand smoke.

Karen Hall visted Starvaggi Park with her grandkids visiting from Australia. She says her husband smokes and she thinks he should be allowed to do it at the park.

"As long as we are outside in the fresh air, I don't have a problem with it. In a building with closed space? I can understand that," Hall said.

New "No Smoking" signs will soon go up in Starvaggi and Marland Heights Park. City Recreation Director, Terry Weigel, said in a statement "it is the city's responsibility" to look after the safety of the kids.

Violators could face removal from the park and repeat offenders could face suspension from the areas.


Smoking ban in Weirton parks

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