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Truck traffic causing damage to local roadways, sidewalks

Updated: Thursday, January 16 2014, 06:52 PM EST

By Jon Rudder

NEW CUMBERLAND, W. Va - Officials in New Cumberland are looking for ways to alleviate truck traffic problems causing continuous damage to roadways and sidewalks.

The problem had gotten so bad that City Council actually voted to close a section of sidewalk along State Route 2 in 2012. However, with residents still using the sidewalk, they're now taking steps to fix the sidewalk and find a solution to the traffic causing it to deteriorate.

"Commercial truck traffic has (damaged it), because it's difficult to negotiate this turn and (vehicles) are repeatedly impinged upon a city sidewalk," Mayor Linda McNeil said. "In doing so, they have destroyed fencing and cement sidewalks."

McNeil said the traffic has been a recurring problem, destroying sidewalks and fencing. But she also fears for other trouble spots along Route 2.

"Just below Ridge Avenue, Route 2, there are residents and homes," McNeil said. "The hillside is degrading to the point where a rollover could happen at any time."

The roadway is the main traffic artery through New Cumberland, and McNeil said that she and fellow officials are reaching out to try to find some sort of solution to alleviate these problems.

"We're working with the West Virginia Department of Transportation, and we're working with elected officials," McNeil said. "We're getting some very positive feedback from them. I think they all recognize the dangers that exist."

Now the total price tag for the replacement will be about $8,000 and will come from the city's general fund.

The repair work will be done just to the sidewalk, not the damaged fence, and McNeil hopes for that work to begin as soon as possible

Truck traffic causing damage to local roadways, sidewalks

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