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Weir High School Class donates a generous amount of money to theatre upgrades

Updated: Tuesday, June 3 2014, 10:25 AM EDT


Graduates and current students at Weir High School are working together to make big improvements to the school theater.

Principal Dan Enich said since they had the bond call a few years ago that established funds that came into the school, they have done quite a lot.

They had their new stadium built, and also did some remodeling to the theater.

And since those renovations went so well, a few people came together to enhance it even more.

Guidance counselor at Weir High School Deborah Mahoney and the theater teacher and band director, took it upon themselves to create a fund drive, all to continue upgrades and enhance the school theater with new sound, lighting, and a curtains.

"The things are quite expensive which I found out, but they are doing that and have started their fund drive about a year ago," said Enrich.

Enich said the arts are a huge part of the school, so updating the theater is important to them.

"We have a group of students that live and die for theater art, and I'm sure that's relevant in all schools," said Enrich.

He said the class of 1954, led by Mr. Joe Veltri, donated $1,300 to the theater fundraising drive.

Not only has alumni given generous donations, but so have current students.

"They have banked a lot of money and are ready to make some purchases here in the summer or when we get back in the fall," said Enrich.

He said Mrs. Mahoney has worked on this project for three years now with help from student council, of which she is the sponsor.

"We really would like to see this upgraded, we had a great start we got from the tax papers of Hancock County with the bond levy, they gave us a great start on refurbishing this place it looks great inside," said Enrich.

Donations are still being accepted, as the improvements continue.

To make a contribution, please send to Weir High School, Attn. Debbie Mahoney, 100 Red Rider Rd. Weirton, WV 26062 or call (304)-748-7600 ext. 151.


Weir High School Class donates a generous amount of money to theatre upgrades

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