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Weirton looking for new way to skirt shortfall

Updated: Tuesday, May 20 2014, 10:45 PM EDT

By: Adam Del Rosso


It’s back to the drawing board for Weirton city council as they look to make room for $1.6 million in the budget for the next fiscal year without making cuts.


Last week, council voted ‘no’ to the proposed business and occupation tax changes to gain that money.


Six different proposals have since been drafted by various council members as an alternative instead of cutting back on services. Those proposals were announced at a meeting in the city building Tuesday night.


Mayor George Kondik said one balanced budget for the 2014-15 year already has been sent to the state, but it does not take into account various projects they want to complete.


"With the fire department and the police department, we're looking to hire five more policemen which is number one. We're looking for security for the city building, which is number two and the safety of the people," said Kondik.


In the various proposals, council members are discussing changes to the police and fire service fees, a cable franchise fee, municipal service fees and perhaps a new sales tax in the city.


"If we can adopt a .75 of one percent sales tax, we can generate almost $3 million. With the inflation of the fire and service fee, it will generate another million dollars." Kondik explained.


He added the additional money could potentially allow the city to lower the current B & O tax or other fees down the road.


As the situation stands, there are still a lot of questions and what ifs. Another meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday for more discussion.


Kondik told NEWS9 he is trying to get a lot of the changes in place before the start of the next fiscal year; that being July 1.


Be sure to stay with NEWS9 as we continue to follow this story.

Weirton looking for new way to skirt shortfall

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