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Harrison County

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County Home levy up for renewal in Cadiz

Updated: Wednesday, April 23 2014, 06:10 PM EDT
HARRISON COUNTY, Ohio - Commissioners in Harrison County approved a levy for the county home that provides care to the elderly in the area but will come at no cost to the taxpayers.
The previous levy was approved in 2009 and was scheduled to run for a five-year period. Those past five years have seen a new generator arrive to the facility, a new well to provide water for residents, and, if passed again in November, would continue to provide important funding for up keep of the facility.
At more than100 years old, it's understandable the Harrison County home may be in need of a little maintenance. But a trip down one of its halls reveals a more up-to-date facility than a glance at the exterior may first provide.
That's all thanks to a levy that will again be on the ballot in November for renewal.
"This isn't something that's going to add to the tax burden, it's one they're already paying," Harrison County Home Superintendent Joy Tagger said. "So we're seeking a renewal to keep going as we are. "
Walls repainted, floors resurfaced and bathrooms remodeled are some of the things visible to the eye.
And perhaps the most significant improvement to the home, a brand new generator.
"It was a struggle," Tagger said. "We had emergency lights, which would come on and of course that was something that took a lot of upkeep. Batteries don't last very long."
A power outage also left residents without running water --  until now.
"We're too far from town for city water, so we have to have our own water so we had to put in a new well, which was a pretty good expense also," Taggers said.
Future improvements for the facility could include new sidewalks for residents and the removal of dilapidated and unused farm structures on the property.
And, Taggart wishes to continue to modernize the aging structure for the comfort of her residents.
"I have strong feeling for this building because it is old, and it has withstood," she said. "I think the people of Harrison County have withstood a lot of problems over the past hundred years and we're still all going and I think this building needs to be maintained for that reason."
Commissioners have estimated the cost coming out of a taxpayers pocket for the levy is about 10 cents for every 100 dollars of their property evaluation.

County Home levy up for renewal in Cadiz

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