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Harrison County

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Sex offender sweep in Harrison County

Updated: Wednesday, May 28 2014, 05:43 PM EDT
HARRISON COUNTY, Ohio -- It was a first-of-its-kind sex offender sweep in Harrison County on Wednesday morning.
Officials went door-to-door to check on the more than two dozen registered sex offenders living in the county.
After some prep work, a group of U.S. Marshals and deputies from the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office hit the roads in groups of three, each making a handful of stops where sex offenders are supposed to be living -- at least according to their current records – while inviting NEWS9 cameras to follow.
Once they got to the homes, they knocked and confirmed that the sex offender is living in the home.
“As long as we have them on their toes thinking they're never gonna get checked, well now we're here to check them,” Harrison County Sherriff Ron Myers said.
If they were not there, but someone else was, law enforcement officials got consent to search, checking out bedrooms or seeing if there's mail or some other proof the sex offender does in fact stay there.
“I want make sure the sex offenders are where they're supposed to be,” Myers said. “That way the community can be safe and feel safe since this is the first time we've done it."
What they found during the sweep was that 25 of the 30 people they were checking on are in compliance.
“The other five will go to the Prosecutor’s Office for evaluation of these individuals and to see if a warrant is necessary for those people to be returned to Harrison County or other charges pending,” Myers said.
Myers said though this may be the first sweep, it very likely won’t be the last.
“They need to be compliant,” he said. “Once the community knows where they are, hopefully they'll tell us if they've moved. If they've moved and we haven't gotten that information, then we can issue a warrant for that individual to arrest them and put them behind bars where they need to be."

Sex offender sweep in Harrison County

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