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Bad road conditions concern residents, Harrison County commissioners

Updated: Tuesday, July 30 2013, 06:00 PM EDT
By Briona Arradondo


People who live on roads traveled heavily by oil and gas trucks are complaining that the asphalt is in disrepair, and Harrison County Commissioners said they aren't satisfied with how roads are being maintained.

Crews patched up parts of County Road 2 or Deersville Ridge Road Tuesday that oil and gas trucks tore up just after commissioners talked to oil and gas representatives during a safety meeting Monday about complaints they are getting about the roads.

“Our roads have not seen this kind of traffic in 30 or 40 years, and so there are real concerns here," said Dale Norris, a Harrison County Commissioner, who drove by Tappan Lake to Lower Clearfork Road and other area to see and document the damage.

At least four companies, including Hess and Chesapeake Energy use the roads for their well sites, officials said. Some neighbors live right in the midst of all the activity.

"They are pretty well torn up from those big trucks, especially the sides of the roads. (That’s) what's bad. So, that's what they are fixing," said Mark Marsfield, a neighbor. "I've seen a lot of activity that they are fixing the roads, you know. They are fixing it. It just takes time to get to them. They've got a lot of roads to fix."

Norris said the repairs aren't happening as quickly as they would like for drivers.

"What I'm thinking of right now is that once a problem is created they will have about two weeks, maybe four weeks at the most to make these corrections," said Norris.

Chesapeake Energy officials said they are working with County Engineer Rob Sterling about the repairs. Sterling said all of the companies involved are cooperating. The patchwork should happen this week and next week, Sterling.

Hess officials sent NEWS9 a statement that said, “Hess is committed to being a good neighbor and doing our part to ensure road safety. We have agreements in place with Harrison County that spell out road use and maintenance commitments for every County road we use. We monitor road conditions daily to ensure we are in full compliance with these agreements.”

Bad road conditions concern residents, Harrison County commissioners

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