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Cadiz Police carrying heavy workload

Updated: Friday, May 9 2014, 05:50 PM EDT

HARRISON COUNTY, Ohio -- The Cadiz Police Department has been a little overwhelmed lately.
At Thursday’s village council meeting, Police Chief Ryan McCann said there’s not enough manpower to cover the shifts.
The Chief is trying to bump a part timer to full time but needs approval from the city council first. With how much traffic the department has had lately, there is a need for this to go through.
And residents agree.
“With what we have had this year, we are right around 300 complaints this year so far and last year we had 417 total for the whole year and were not even halfway through the year yet,” McCann said.
The oil and gas industry is causing a lot of traffic. Resident Jim Sabol says crime is rising and more police officers are needed.
“Especially with the Sheriff’s Department,” Sabol said. “(There are) a lot of smaller towns in Harrison County to patrol...Yea they need some help.”
Jeff Reed is a resident who says people speed up and down the road where he lives and more officers need to patrol it.
“And the same cars fly up and down the road, and they’ve told the cops to sit there,” he said. “They haven’t had the man power to do that.”
McCann said they have seven full-time officers. Decades ago they had eight. That is what he is trying to get back to.
“That’s what it boils down to,” McCann said. “You have to want to do this job and be willing to devote any time of the day and any time of the night.”
McCann said he wants to make this change to protect the community
The council will make their decision at the next meeting on May 22.

Cadiz Police carrying heavy workload

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