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Commissioner reacts to closing of mine training facility

Updated: Wednesday, September 25 2013, 07:06 PM EDT

By Rich Pierce 

Harrison County, OH 

September 25, 2013 

It was announced earlier this week the Jerry L. Stewart Mine Safety Training facility in Cadiz will be moving to Cambridge at the end of the year.


Commissioners and residents of Harrison County are upset that the facility is moving.  One commissioner said he was caught off guard by the move.


“We could lose people over this and lose the tax base over this,” Harrison County Commissioner Dale Norris said.


In February, Norris said, the two sides had spoken about expanding the facility – not closing it.


“They haven’t approached us. They approached us early in the term about what their plans are. You know, we hear through the grapevine that they are leaving and that upsets me very much,” Norris said.


A spokesperson from the ODNR told NEWS9 that the current facility is not up to code and moving the workers temporarily to Cambridge is more financially feasible than bringing the current facility up to specifications.


Harrison County resident Janette Burgins said the move does not make sense.


“I think they should stay here. We really don’t have too many jobs around here and we need something here. I believe they shouldn’t be taking it from here and taking it to Cambridge because the mines are close by here,” Burgins said.



The ODNR has not ruled out finding a permanent facility in Harrison County but the current one in Cadiz will not reopen. 

Commissioner reacts to closing of mine training facility

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