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Damaged to property caused by drilling

Updated: Tuesday, October 1 2013, 06:39 PM EDT

By Rich Pierce 

October 1 ,2013 

Harrison County, OH 

A Harrison county resident claims his house shifted downhill and his water is contaminated because of horizontal pipeline drilling nearby.

The contamination has affected at least two houses on McAfee Road – both are owned by the Ronald Grim.

Members of the Harrison County Health Department met with representatives from Southeast Directional Drilling and the Grims this afternoon.

“It appears, we don’t know for sure, that this is a type of contamination associated with bentonite slurry that was being used to do some horizontal drilling,” Harrison County sanitarian Charles Fisher said.

The substance involved is a hardening agent with the consistency of clay. It allegedly got into wells and pipes.

“Saturday morning I woke up, I was making a pot of coffee and my water was gray. I knew I had troubles,” Grim said.

The substance spread to the nearby creek and into the yard adjacent to the home.

“This stuff was just shooting up, just shooting up out of the ground right here. Then, it ran down to my neighbors. It’s at my neighbors’, too,” Grim said.

Grim said the sight of the clay-like substance bubbling up from the ground was not a pleasant one.

“It made me sick. That’s what it did,” Grim said.

There was also damage to Grim’s home. The house shifted, causing a crack to his chimney and main beam – making doors difficult to open.

The drilling company brought in water buffaloes while the problem is being fixed. Company representatives at the site today declined comment.

The Health Department has yet to determine if this poses a greater public health risk.

Fisher said the drilling should finish soon and he hopes that solves the problem. Grim’s insurance company is coming out Wednesday to take a look at the property. 

Damaged to property caused by drilling

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