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Harrison County

Harrison County

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Government Center in Harrison County getting new roof

Updated: Wednesday, June 4 2014, 05:48 PM EDT

HARRISON COUNTY, Ohio -- For some time, the roof at the Government Center in Harrison County has been in need of some attention, but the problem had been finding funding for the work.
Extra money pouring in from the oil and gas industry is helping out.
“With the increase of the oil and gas activity in the county and stuff like that, that is generally money we can start improving things for the public,” Harrison County Commissioner Dale Norris said.
County commissioners purchased government building more than a decade ago. Since then, the work has been need of attention. Leakage around roof-mounted air conditioning units caused the material to deteriorate.
“They had leakage coming in from the eaves and from the roof itself,” Norris said.
The building serves as a hub for multiple county agencies so addressing the leaky roof was a primary concern for the commissioners.
“It's going to be a rubber roof,” Norris said. “It's a steel roof and an oval roof. It's going to be sealed and then have a plastic coating over top of it to preserve the roof.”
The cost for that work is $38,000.
"We've not had the funding to properly take care of the county facilities for the people of the county,” Norris said. “Now that we have the funds to do that, we have to apply them to."

Government Center in Harrison County getting new roof

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