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Grant coming to local probation department

Updated: Monday, February 10 2014, 05:50 PM EST

By: Adam DelRosso

CADIZ, Ohio --

A new grant geared towards improving probation programs in Ohio is coming to Harrison County for a trial run.


More than 100 Harrison County residents are on probation. Officers told NEWS9 it's a lot and enough to keep them busy, but they said the extra money coming their way will help.


"We are going to receive money from the state for each person on probation and also money for each probationer who successfully completes the program," said Common Pleas Judge Shawn Hervey.


He said it will allow his probation department to do more work in addition to improving security in the courthouse over the next two years during the test. Probation officer John Jackson said the grant will focus on low felony level nonviolent offenders.


"This probation staff has done so much with less over the years that now we are actually going to have adequate funding to build on their work," Hervey said.


The exact amount of money coming to the county is tough to say with precision, but Hervey said it could total over $50,000.


"I think it's going to be great. It's going to give us more resources to use with people who have criminal backgrounds so we can help them try to find jobs and help them with counseling if they need," said Jackson.


Hervey said he expects the program to begin by next month.

Grant coming to local probation department

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