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Harrison County to have officer track domestic violence incidents

Updated: Friday, April 11 2014, 05:31 PM EDT

HARRISON COUNTY, Ohio - Harrison County has always received money for its domestic violence program, but this year increased funding will be headed to the sheriff's department to help pay the salary of an officer who will track domestic violence incidents in the county.
While Sheriff Joe Myers doesn't believe it's a problem in the county, having an officer in this position will allow them handle these incidents thoroughly and report them to the state.
"It's always the ones that you don't know," Myers said. "We have a lot of women that are afraid to report their spouse, and guys too."
Myers said the ability to track the incidents closely will give them a better idea at how deep, or extensive, the problem may be.  
"It's really not just a wife or a husband, it could be anybody that lives in that dwelling that could be hit with domestic violence," Myers said. "So we track that and see what ages. It all helps in the long run."
The grant, totaling $51,000, is a match grant and will pay for about $38,000 of that officer's salary.
It will also pay for public campaigns that call for an end to domestic violence.
"Two things," Myers said. "We're going to be able to help the state keep a track on domestic violence throughout the state. And then also have that officer be able to get those people hopefully into shelters or wherever they need to go."
Myers said the officer assigned to tracking those domestic violence incidents will work in conjunction with the court system in place to provide shelter and protection to victims.  

Harrison County to have officer track domestic violence incidents

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