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Harrison County murder suspects will return to Ohio Valley next week

Updated: Wednesday, April 23 2014, 06:39 PM EDT
HARRISON CENTRAL, Ohio – It’s been almost a month since Joe Strother was murdered, and to this point, neither of the two suspects in this case have seen the back of an Ohio Valley cruiser.
That’s about to change.
Officials announced that Matthew Dowdel and Eve Kelley, who fled to Florida shortly after the crime was committed, will be coming back to the Ohio Valley next week.
Next Tuesday, a group will leave the Harrison County Sheriff's Office and make the 15-hour long trip to Volusia County.
They'll pick-up Dowdel and Kelley in one of their cruisers and then they'll make the long return trip home. They plan to be back here in the Ohio Valley by May 2.
Prosecutor Michael Washington said the sheriff will decide where to hold the two. He said it's likely they will be taken to the Jefferson County Jail until they can be arraigned.
Both Dowdel and Kelley were indicted on a number of charges including, murder and felonious assault. The two also faced charges in Florida but that changed with Wednesday’s announcement that they would return.
“It's my understanding that the Officials in Florida will be dismissing their case against those two and relinquishing custody to the Sheriff's Office,” Harrison County Prosecutor Michael Washington said.
Once they return, it'll be just a few days before they are in court here in Harrison County.
Officials with the Sheriff's Office will be hauling the SUV back that was stolen from the Ohio Valley.

Harrison County murder suspects will return to Ohio Valley next week

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