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Harrison County ups school bus safety

Updated: Wednesday, October 2 2013, 12:05 PM EDT

By Jennifer Black


With new businesses popping up in Harrison County in the last year, there are more drivers sharing the roads with your kids.  Because of that, the Harrison County Sheriff's Office is partnering with the district to be even more diligent about school bus safety.

“We have a lot of gas and oil people in, and we received some complaints from one of the [bus] drivers last week down in the Scio area.   Some were trying to get around [the bus], but they didn’t want to have to follow her,” Sheriff Joe Myers said.

Myers does not want to single out the oil and gas industry, but says in general, drivers tend to ignore rules of the road when it comes to staying behind and stopping for school buses as children are getting on and off.

To take a proactive approach to school bus safety, a deputy will, at random, ride with students on Harrison Hill City School District buses each week.

Wednesday morning the school’s director of operations and the sheriff coordinated a trial run, and there were no violations to report.  Myers hopes to keep it that way.  

“I think it's gonna help us in the long run to curb any violence that may come toward the bus, or any aggressive drivers out there carrying on,” Myers said.

Myers said no additional personnel will be required for the effort, and they are simply shuffling school resource officers that are already on duty.

“We're using a midnight personnel to help follow those buses or be in the area of those buses with our personnel on the buses so they can take enforcement action if they need to,” Myers said.

Superintendent Dana Snider said she hopes this effort will send a strong message about the importance of student safety.

“I think it's just one more place that [the community] will have a visual of what the sheriff's does for the schools and the community,” Snider said.

Myers said they are rolling out this initiative ahead of National School Bus Safety Week which begins on Oct. 21.

Harrison County ups school bus safety

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