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Investigators suggest Harrison County suspects getting desperate

Updated: Thursday, April 3 2014, 10:38 AM EDT
HARRISON COUNTY, Ohio – From Sally Buffalo Park in Cadiz to Florida.
Matthew Dowdel and Eve Irene Kelly, suspects in a homicide at the park last week, may be running, but investigators are hot on their heels.
Investigators are tracking a stolen white Chevy Trailblazer to the Sunshine State.
“They cannot confirm that it’s them driving,” said Detective Lt. Bill Jones of the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau.
“They can only confirm that it is the white Trailblazer. No one has spotted them. We assume they are still in possession of it, but we cannot confirm that at this time.”
Investigators said they are doing everything they can to track the two down, whether it’s in the Ohio Valley or somewhere else.
They believe their hard work is paying off.
“I would say they're getting low on money,” Jones said. “They are begging for money, so I don't know if they acquired money. Yeah, they're desperate.”
While they search, the family of victim Joe Strother must deal with the devastating reality that even justice won't bring him back.
“Why? I don't understand why,” Tami Strother, the victim’s wife said. “I don't get it.”
“I feel like I'm walking through a haze right now. I just want these people off the streets, and hopefully, they don't hurt anybody else,"
For Tami, who had been by Joe’s side for 26 years, there are only a few words that can describe the last six days.
“It’s been total torment. My husband was a wonderful man. He was that type of man; he would have given his shirt off his back for anyone.”
Tami said she has been thinking about justice for her husband, directing her thoughts toward Dowdel.
“I don't want them killed,” she said. “I want them caught. I don't want him to be dead because that's too good for him. I want him in prison for the rest of his life getting tortured and miserable because it would be a long life. He's only 24."
The funeral for Joe Strother will be held Thursday in Cadiz.
Investigators are withholding information on the homicide. They said it is likely they will release more details as next week's meeting of the Harrison County Grand Jury nears. Much of that is because that they are still waiting for the full autopsy report.
Officials said they still want people in the Ohio Valley to be on the lookout for Kelley and Dowdel. They said it is possible they are still in the area or could return and ask that people in the valley keep their eyes and ears open. As always, if you have any information, call investigators or our Crimebusters tip-line.

Investigators suggest Harrison County suspects getting desperate

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