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Harrison County

Harrison County

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NEWS9 Special Assignment: Speed trailers helping highway patrol slow drivers down

Updated: Tuesday, May 20 2014, 02:52 PM EDT
HARRISON COUNTY, Ohio – A 10-mile stretch along US 22 between Hopedale and Cadiz is a heavily traveled area that the Ohio State Highway Patrol is paying close attention to, having recently set up a speed trailer along the road because drivers simply weren’t slowing down.
Consider …
There were 34 speed-related arrests on the stretch of highway between April 1-18 in 2013.
This year during that same period of time, that number jumped to 94.
That’s why local law enforcement agencies are accelerating their efforts to get you to slow down.
“You're traveling with a group of people and see you’re going 70, it kinda makes you take your foot off the accelerator a little bit,” Lt. Joe Fetty of the Ohio State Highway Patrol said.
That's the reaction Fetty is hoping for.
Driving by, you see your speed flashing in red, setting off a green light in your head to slow down.
The goal of the speed trailer is to put a positive dent in Harrison County's crash picture.
Enforcement with the speed trailer began on April 1 with the first step.
They set the trailer out for four days along this particular strip, two days westbound and two days eastbound.
“We're dealing with a high number of cars between the 65-70 mile mark in a 55 (mph) zone that tells us there's a lot of problems in that area, and that's what’s causing the crashes "
The next step was to take the trailer down and begin enforcement with the help of the Sheriff's Office.
On April 8-22, they issued 49 tickets.
“To take that many tickets out of that area in that kind of time frame, it’s solidifying the numbers that we got off that speed trailer that we do have a speed problem in that area," Fetty said.
The last step was to return the trail to gauge is the second step worked.
The number of cars driving 50-60 mph dropped significantly.
The number of drivers doing 61 to 65 stayed about the same.
And there were far fewer going above 71 miles an hour.
Fetty said the work isn’t finished.
“I think this is really where we need to step up our patrols as well as working with the Sheriff’s Department -- in a high visibility effort, and just keep targeting those specific areas that give us problems,” he said.
The trailer has since moved on to St. Clairsville and will move on to Jefferson County next.

NEWS9 Special Assignment: Speed trailers helping highway patrol slow drivers down

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