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ODOT replenishing salt supply

Updated: Wednesday, January 29 2014, 06:17 PM EST

Byu Jon Rudder

The harsh snow and temperatures we've experienced have also taken a toll on Ohio Department of Transportation as salt is in short supply to keep roadways clear.
However, help is on the way garages are using the break from the snow to restock their supplies.
Trucks could be seen at a number of ODOT garages replenishing the supply, but the big question is will it last?
With no way to accurately predict accumulation totals for the rest of the winter season, officials feel confident that their restocking will last the remainder of winter.

"It’s not always about how much snow we receive, it's more about how often as far as how much material we use,” Becky Giaque ODOT Public Information Officer said. “That's been a lot of the case this year. We've had a ton of events. The frequency of events has been a lot higher than in past winters.”
In District 11, posts have already burned up 6,000 more tons than they typically use in a winter. And with a season that extends through April, many counties have ordered more.
“To date, the district has used 55,719 tons of salt, which does exceed our regions average salt use which is about 47,000 tons,” Giaque said.
With trucks visiting garages to drop off more supply and weather temperatures expected to rise, officials are using the break as a prime opportunity to stock up for the remaining months.
"We currently have enough salt on order to reach 50 percent capacity at our seven county locations in District 11,” Giaque said. "Fifty percent capacity at this time of the year is a level we feel very comfortable to be at.”
By comparison, salt supplies in Harrison County had fallen as low as 600 tons but an additional 1,600 tons are on its way.
In Jefferson County they are down to about 1,800 tons and have an additional 3,000 on the way.

ODOT replenishing salt supply

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